Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Family,
Whoo let me tell you. What a week it's been here. It's been a rough one. We've had some good mircales though. We've found a few people to teach and one of them made it to the last hour of church. He accidently slept in because of daylight savings time here. Ya we just had that this last weekend. I think it's on different days then it is in the states. We had a zone meeting this last week which was really good. It took us forever to get to. From where we are we actually have to take a train into Leeds and then another into York. It was fun though I like to ride the trains, and I got to see 6 of the Leeds elders heading to their meeting as well. Got to talk some old people from my group and got to ask about Bradford so that was great. The day after wasn't so great.
My companion didn't bring any copies of the Book of Mormon with him or much proslelyting material at all. He was a bit confused when I was frustrated that we had to go back to the flat afterward. Not sure why he thought we could proselyte with out material or how effective it would be but ya. I had a book on me and some pamphlets and a hard copy that a mark and study from and we could've probably found a way around the situation with out wasing time but I just got to frustrated with his attitude. I think that's our biggest problem here. The work and the ward will really improve if we have the Spirit and more and more unity. We'll be able to find people, ward members will feel our excitement, etc... But he doesn't have much of a desire and I'm trying to improve and help him with that. I brought up to him how I felt we had a communication problem and why. He said no and that when I ask him a question and he answers me, but it's not the answer I'm looking for and then ask again he doesn't answer or say anything because he has already given me his answer. Well I ask him again after probing more because all he does is give me the answer he thinks I want. But the answer I want is the truth. It's difficult and frustrating. The oddest thing which I know and feel there is a problem is when I asked him about his desire and how it should show. He told me happiness and excitement are not expressed in how you act, the tone in your voice or the expression on your face like I do. Uhh? I'm pretty sure God created our faces to smile. If we're happy and we not we show it. You can clap your hands or stomp your feet but if we're happy and excited and have a strong desire to work, it'll show! So you see my problem.
I'm sorry for venting but I can't really seek much council from my leaders or other missionaries since they are so far away. I am in contact with President and he is aware of the situation. I 'm hoping to keep up my excitement though. I won't let that die. As well I will try to find opportunities to give service to him. Show some charity and love. I don't think he notices or understands that I'm wanting to do this for him. Not me to show I'm better or that he's a bad missionary but because he's got a lot of potential to a great missionary. And time is running short to achieve that.
So ya. Other then that things are great. I'm keeping high spirits and can't wait for some post. It's been awhile. This week is my first district meeting that I'm instructing so that'll be interesting. I hope all of you are doing well. It sounds like everyone is having their own bit's of adventure. I'lll tell you Pontefract is an adventure. There is some interesting history here and some great members that have offered to help show us around and do things on P-Days. It's a proper town not only because it's cool but it used to have a castle and has  a couple old churches from the same time period but evrything is built around those landmarks. And their also kind of on a hill. Was a defensive thing, But ya. It's great. I fill you in more next week about some of the people we are working with  so ya.
Love you all! CHeerio
Elder DUdgeon

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