Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Family,
 Hey how goes it? Things are going well here. Ya the spelling of this place I had no clue. It's Pontefract though. It's been great so far though. This area definitely needs some help and I'm hoping we can give it. There are ways to improve in all places. The sisters who were here last were doing great. Things just kind of slowed down. So we are going to be working hard doing a lot of finding. Hoping to use general conference as a resource. ''Come listen to a prophets voice!'' It should be good. I don't know what it's been but I've been so happy since I've came to this new area. And my efforts and skills have increased as well. I don't know what is different. Maybe it's have to be more diligent and obedient and to set the example. The added responsibility. Who knows but it's good and it's helping me learn.
 Pontefract is a good area. It's got some old castle ruins and is a nice proper English town. We cover the town and another one called Castleford, plus the smaller outlying villages. It's in the York zone so I get to go to York for meetings and zone P-Day. York is a place I looked up before I left and one I always wanted to go. The ward is smaller but has a lot of potential to grow. There is a family here where the husband is from Ecuador and his wife is from Spain. He was really nice to talk to on Sunday. Was very shy I think because of his english skills, but he was nice. Has family in Columbia so I told him about mom serving there.
 In the district I'm over is 1 team of sisters..... That's it. HAHAHA! But it's so great. The sisters are Sister Harris (Idaho) and Sister Alidi (Botswana, came out with my group). They are such powerful sisters! They are already doing amazing work over in Harrogate. They used to be here. There was basically a swap of areas with the Harrogate Elders and Pontefract Sisters. Everyone stayed except for one elder whose place I filled. So it's not too hard white washing because the sisters follow up with me every night and we can ask them questions about people or the area. We also took over their flat. Wow, sisters flats are way nice then elders. And drum roll please. I have a queen size bed! HAHA. I have no idea why the sisters had queen size beds (I think a senior couple used to live there before). But it's nice and an added blessing.
My companion Elder Alsop is someone from my group and district in the MTC. He's from Oregon. He's not doing the best right now on his mission. Really struggling and we have a had an awkward past couple days. He's not the most skilled missionary or the boldest but he has a lot of potential. I hope things will work out. I'm doing my best to help him grow more and open up. We'll see how this week goes. I'm glad the sisters are doing well so I don't have to worry about having too much on my plate.
Well thats it for now. I'm so excited to be in my new area. There's so much work to do! my new address is...
Elder Blaine Dudgeon
7 Shakespeare Crescent
WF10 3HE
Start spreading the word. Please be cautious though. This is a 5 week transfer. Transfer moves are on the 20th of April. So don't send anything a week before unless its to the mission office in Leeds. And I think i'm doing alright as far as things I need mom.
Hope all is well
Elder Dudgeon

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