Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Family,
 I hope all is well this week. Things were interesting this last week. We found a couple new people to teach. It was difficult through out all the week though. Just trying to find people. Solid people. Not like this experience I'll share with you.
 I was on exchange with Elder Caine (mighty south African from my group). We had appointment with a man. He was nice older guy. Long hair that was part gray. Was nice a friendly but a bit odd. As soon as we walked into to his little terrace house we saw good ol' Bob Marley smoking his weed on the wall and one of those things you use to smoke opium or whatever, up on a shelf. (ah great this is going to be a good one). Well we started talking to him and shared the Book of Mormon and the Restoration with him. He accepted it pretty well at first but... BUT... then he starts telling us about his thoughts/feelings. He truly believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He's had some weird things happen to him while he was growing up. He seems to be a sign seeker. Looks for numbers and strange things. Apparently he saw some spaceships one day with some friends and when he told people they didn't believe him so he kind of summoned some space ships to come down and they did. Uh are you gathering this yet? He's used this kind of ''power'' to help some people over come problems by accident but when he starts to realize it the ''power'' stops. He's just had some weird things. His mother is named Mary and he's got a brother named Matthew and another named John so that has got to mean he's Jesus Christ. He does drugs still (apparent), smokes, drinks, swears, blah, blah, blah. Well we told him that he was not Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ did not preach reincarnation nor would he not follow the commandments. The man got very upset that we did not believe him. He said Jesus would do those things today because he was tired of people and didn't want them to crucify him again. Well you get my point and we did all that we could to reason with him using scripture, logic and testimony but nothing. He was gutted that we told he wasn't Jesus. He didn't want the Book of Mormon, but kept it in the end.
 Strange. That's the kind of people in the Billingham/Stockton area! Crazy! But I have some other news so put your seat belts on. It goes with the subject of the email. You see last night was our transfer calls. And.... I got a call about a quarter past 9. He called me to be a district leader and that I would be serving in an area called Ponterfract. Crazy I know, but something didn't seem write (I was trying to think who used to be serving there because it sounded odd). Well I was shocked and stuttered out an acceptance and was very excited, but then President kept talking. The reason why Ponterfract sounded odd to me was because it was a sisters area. They are pulling the sisters out and putting Elders in. I am going to be white washing (brand new, fresh start) the area with my companion, Elder Alsop. He came out with me and is from the Portland, Oregon area. I'm so excited. So I am packing up all my stuff last night and today getting ready to move on Wednesday. I am so excited to be a district leader. Humble and grateful that I've been called to it. There is a strange mood this mission has about leaders. They think to be humble you have to complain and say oh it sucks to be leader, you have to do all this stuff, blah, blah, blah. Well not me. I am excited to serve and inspire other missionaries in my district. It's a greater call to serve and a greater opportunity to learn and grow and I am excited for that. And I'm not like Elder Ashby who tried to keep it a secret. Mom and dad should be getting a letter this next week anyway so there's no point.
 So that's the big news. I don't know my new address yet but next week I will get it to you. I have to get going though. There's people I need to say goodbye to today plus finish packing. (how did I get so much stuff?!)
 I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all.
Elder Dudgeon

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