Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Late P- Day

Date:Mon, Mar 7, 2011 8:37 am
Hey Family,
So this week was alright. A bit stressful. We did have a good P-Day today though which is great so I got everyones email. It was a great P-day because we went out to REDCAR. It's right on the ocean! We played 5-A-Side football on the beach with the whole zone. It was so nice. A little cold but a lot of fun. The sisters came too and I got one of them to take lot of pictures with my camera so I'll have to send some of those home.
So I don't have much time to write this week, but just too let you know that nuch has happened this week. It's been kind of frustrating but Elder Ashby and I are staying positive. I think we had members come out with us more then 7 times this last week and we didn't get into a single appointment. We called people to remind them, sometimes just hours before, to get te door and they not be home or drop us. But we'll keep trying. Transfers arecoming up this month. On the 17th is move day, we get the calls on the 15th though. So mom tell dad to send the package to the office because I'll probable get to me for sure then. That's if he does it like tomorrow. Allow for 8 to 10 days to get here. If he wants to wait till I know if I'm moving or not that's alright. I'll let you know if am next week.
 Funny sto. My companion and I were going to our tea appointment in the even. We just got off the bus and get a wiff of barbecue. It was such a good smell. Somebody in the area had to be barbecueing. Well we walk down the street and the turn down another one. The whole time talking about barbecueing back at home and just our favorite things. Well we get to the house and they let us in. There was another family there from the ward and we asked about that and they were answered ''Oh we're barbecueing. So we invited more people!'' Elder Ashby and I just looked at eachother. ''What! That's you!? We could smell in two blocks over!'' It was a good meal and a good time. It was really funny because they had forgotten the home teachers were coming over. We see a member from the ward and then the husband from the recent convert family! He was on his first home teaching appointment. So that was neat to see.
Well I got to go. I love you all.
Elder Dudgeon

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