Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear family units of the great United States of America,
 How art thou? Things are good here. We have an investigator who's progressing towards baptism nicely. He's such a nice guy and is a pleasure to work with. His understanding is not the best but he is learning. We're planning on the end of this month for him. He came to church yesterday and to our mission home fireside which was great. Every first Sunday President Lindley puts on a fireside. It was yesterday though because of GenCon the week before. Usually you have to be reaching standards to go but this time he opened it all to everyone. So we got to go with our investigator. It was so good to see all the other missionaries and some old friends. I got to ask about some old areas. Like for instance in Halifax, a recent converts uncle has decided to get baptized. He is a great guy and someone I remember while I was there. I also got to see the old ward mission leader from Bradford. He is such an amazing guy as well. He has been the best WML I've had on my mission and is someone I learned a lot from. It was nice just being able to catch up and talk with everyone and to see other people improving and getting advice from some as well.
This week has been a lot of finding efforts. Had a couple meetings in York and I don't remember if I told you, but we are ways from York. Like we take a train into Leeds and then another to York. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours by train then plus walking to the chapel. It takes a lot of time. Have had a few good experiences this week though. Got to talk to a couple nice people on the trains. It's a great missionary opportunity because they almost always ask what we are doing in England. I don't how much comes from it but it's nice to give a pass along card out or a pamphlet. We have to go to York again tomorrow for interviews with President and a zone meeting. I'm looking forward to that.
This transfer is almost over which is quite strange. It's a five week transfer instead of six and there are going to be a lot of changes going on because some zone leaders, district leaders and one of the assistants are going home. It's exciting to see what happens. So next week I believe we are emailing on Tueday with transfer calls on Monday. I'm pretty sure I'll stay.
It's great to hear that everyone is doing well. And the sounders winning! I'm appreciating getting emails from everyone. Sounds like Devin and Sarah and K are having fun and have some changes. Myranda seems to be enjoying Idaho for the most part. And married life haha. It was neat because the world report they show at conference was showing the BYU-I centre. Neat to get some videos of that. Mom sounds like she is doing good and hoping to get the garden started. I would like to do some gardening actually. There are all these things that I miss doing that I never thought I would miss doing. This week will be good though because we get to do some service for a lady we knocked into. She's a llittle elderly and needs help. Her front garden was the only one not done on the street. So we are getting our investigator to come with us and help garden.
Well I hope everyone is doing alright. I miss you all. I have an assignment though. In D&C 4 it talks about ''the field is white, already to harvest.'' Can someone tell me what it means by being white? Like how good was a field when it is white. Just a curiosity thing. Thanks.
Well I miss you all. I'll talk to you next week though and Mothers day is coming up. I'm looking forward to calling.
Elder Dudgeon

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  1. I got referred to this blog from a friend on facebook, (I love reading about mission experiences!) and was interested to read about your mission because a good family friend of ours is also on a mission in the Leeds England Mission. Perhaps you know him? Elder Brice Reeves? Haha small world.