Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dear family,
Hey so big news this week. The calls came down the line and the word is I am going to be training this next tranfer! whoo! I am very excited to train. we won't know who it is till tomorrow though otherwise I would've told you his name. there are only about 4 or 5 of us training so it will be exciting.
Things have been progressing with the ward this week. We had 4 people at church this Sunday which was great. The Senior couple, the Bowens, gave their departing talks. They are going to be missed a lot in this area. They've helped quite a few people. We have a baptism planned in a couple weeks which will be great. He's been inviting everyone to his baptism. All of his family and friends. He has made great progress since we started teaching him.
We've worked a lot with some different members and are seeing a lot of results. The sisters in the district are staying the same and they are doing well in their area and just recently scheduled as well so it makes me very happy as a district leader. It's great to see success. not because it comes from us but to see the ways the Lord works through us. Many times I feel like I'm wandering around with my eyes closed. I have no idea what I am doing but the Spirit whispers, ''I do.'' Like following the instructions from a master when you are an apprentice. Just follow the instructions and you may not see how it works but it will and it has.
Well I am really sorry this is short we don't have much time email this week.
I love you all though and will send some pictures next week.
Much love,
Elder Dudgeon

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