Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Fams,
Hey how have things been going? I hope everyone is doing well. Sounds like it for the most part. I can say how great it is to be getting emails once a week. I haven't really gotten any post in awhile and that starts to get at you. Hopefully I'll get some soon. I did get Dad's letter by the way. So tell him thanks for that I really enjoyed it. I liked all the pictures too.
Well an update from this week. We had zone conference on Tuesdays which was great to see everybody. Our train got canceled though due to vandalism on the tracks. We had to get the zone leaders to come pick us up. They weren't too happy but what can you do? I really enjoyed hearing from our mission president and his wife. Everything they talked about seemed to be just for me. It was also nice because I got to see my trainer, Elder Eggleston, once more before he goes home and as well as Elder Ashby. I miss him. He has been my favorite companion and one of my best friends so far. So that was neat and that's when I got Dad's letter. Make sure he sends me things to my current address. Not my old one.
We've been teaching a lady and she's come to church twice in a row. She's great and has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. She should be getting baptized at the beginning of this next month. It would be the end of this month but there is a stake conference. And it's not about the date but her. So we've been doing a lot of finding as well and found a few new people this week. Some strange and some normal. We have a few more this next week to go by so that's great.
The district has been struggling lately. The sisters and us haven't been getting much success. I have a district meeting to prepare this week and hopefully it'll help us all get back in the groove and just work through this difficult time. It's hard because I know we're both working really hard and it's not the most inspiring when all you can say is to keep going and endure to the end. But I think I have a good meeting planned.
Elder Taylor is doing good. He's improving everyday and I learn a lot from him which he probably doesn't even know. He'll  be a good missionary though. It'll be strange  because I won't even see him hit his year mark. Ya thanks mom for reminding me how much time I have left. It's scary to think about. I was actually listening to Christmas music this morning (I just wanted to hear a little Josh Groban is all).
Well I miss you all. I hope you're all doing well. Thanks for every one's email. If anyone wants to send me anything for my birthday that would be great. If not that's ok. Money isn't bad so I can start buying more souvenirs for everyone.
I love you all,
Elder Dudgeon

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