Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey sorry but this has to be a quick one. I have to catch a bus to go to the doctors office. I'm just getting a quick scan because I have not been feeling well lately. It's all been in my side and stomach like back before when I was in Billingham but it's been worse. It may be just more from me feeling stressed out or not I'm not sure. Hopefully it will all go well today. I'm sure it will. I think things may be more muscular then anything but of course I get the doctors with funny accents who don't listen to me.
Good news though is that the lady we've been teaching got an interview for baptism on Sunday and passed. It was right after stake conference which was a broadcast. Elder Perry and President Monson spoke. The best talk though was from Elder Kearon who's a seventy. So she should be gettting baptized this weekend which will be great. Also we got our transfer calls last night and Elder Taylor and I are staying together here. It's nice but I would've liked to move somewhere new. Oh well. Elder Taylor is struggling to adjust to missionary life I think. He still holds onto the idea that he has any sort of right out here. He also still acts like a hick. I keep telling him that he's not a hick or a cowboy out on a mission. But a missionary serving the lord. He's got a short temper thats hard to deal with as well. I hoping work harder this next transfer and if he complains then it's on him. It's how the work is.
Well I got to rap up. It was so good to hear from everyone this week. Sorry last week was zone P-day and never had a chance to email. We had to travel a couple hours just to get with the rest of the zone. But I'm glad for all the updates about people and things from home. I hope everything continues to go well.
I'll talk to you next week,
Love Elder Dudgeon
PS adress stays the same
7 Shakespeare Crescent
WF10 3HE
PPS: For my birthday if people want to send me some sweets like Butterfingers or Nutty Buttys or anything like that. And money too so I can start buying souvenirs for everyone. ta.

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