Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear family,
Hey so this week was a great because... WE BAPTIZED! It was so good. We've been teaching this lady for the whole transfer and finally on Saturday she got baptized. It was a great service. A lot of member came out which was great. The talks were amazing and everything jsut seemed to go smooth. Elder Taylor did the baptism which was good for him. He had to do it twice though because the first time she didn't go all the way under. The next day on sunday was good as well. The confirmation went great. There was a lot of people there for a baby blessing and for other reasons so it was a packed chapel for once. She is so good though. She lost her husband about six years ago. But she talks about how the gospel has brought her such peace and happiness and she feels it in her heart. Isn't that great!
We haven't really found any new investigators yet. We need to do better with it but it's difficult sometimes. We have been helping support some returning members. We've been seeing this man named John for a little while and he is great. He was baptised about 4 years ago. We've been working on him to come back and he really wants to as well. Well after the baptism he was having a birthday party because he just turned 60. We didn't have a lot of time till we had to get home and  travelling by busses is difficult. Well we went out there and saw him still. Even though we couldn't stay long I was glad we went to show our support. It was at an old gospel hall and the was a lot of older people doing different dances because John loves dancing! Well he came to church yesterday and bore his testimony thanking us for what we've been doing. He's gone through a hard time lately because he lost a good friend recently. He asked us for a good verse from the Book of Mormon to share at the funeral and so we gave him Moroni 10:34. He said it was perfect and a lot of people there talked about it to him afterwards. In all it's just great to see the fruits of your labors and love for someone blossom in such way. He is a great man.
So things are going well in some parts and not in others. I'll keep plugging along though. I would send some pictures but the computer here is being dumb. I hope all is well at home with everyone. I got a lot of letters to write and send off today. I'll talk to you next week though.
Love you Bye
Elder Dudgeon

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