Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear family,
So we let me tell a bit about my week. Had a good birthday. A member from the ward came by and droped off a cake and a big bag of marshmallow mateys (the off brand of lucky charms). She's American and I have been telling everyone that it was my birthday. So that was nice. Both the cake and cereal were amazing! President called as well to wish a happy birthday. He told me I was getting old. I gave him a sarcastic thanks. Through the rest of the day I had different cards and gifts from the ward members. I got a package from whitney too that day which was epic. We had tea with some members that gave me some soft licorice that was oh so good. We had line dancing at the church and were able to get a couple non members there. I got more cards and they sang happy birthday. SO it was a good birthday but it just feels kind of weird. I was like mom as well. I had to write a few dates down on things and it was hard not to write 7/7/90 haha!
This weekend as well we had a missionary musical fireside. For a few months now the sisters in the district have been planning and putting together a program called 'Truth Restored'. It was all about the life of Christ to the restoration. So it was something our district did, so 4 missionaries and the zone leaders. We practiced a few hymns, 'Come Follow Me' and 'Praise to the Man' and 'Joseph Smith's First Prayer'. It was pretty good. A big part for me was one of the sisters asked to do a duet with me on a short hymn, 'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God'. So that was the first time for me to do something like that but it turned out really well. The biggest thing was President and Sister Lindley were there. President gave the closing remarks. He is powerful! Very powerful testiomony. He had all of us stand up and testified of what we were doing and it was just a great moment. So that was good this weekend.
So the even bigger news is this is my new address
74 Manville Road
BD22 6AT
Ya we got our transfer calls last night. Elder Taylor and I were waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally we get a voicemail from the zone leaders. Some crazy changes happened. I was freaking out like all last night. First of all, I am moving to Keighly to follow up train Elder Cummings from Scotland. I am still district leader but now I have of district of 2 teams of elders. So I little bigger and no sisters. I am sad. I love the sister missionaries. They are always so happy and excited. Well, the other news is Elder Taylor is going to Middlesbrough. Yep they are taking us both out of the area. They are temporarily shutting it down! Yikes! They are actually shutting down 5 areas total because of so many missionaries leaving. I am excited to go to Keighly though because it is close to Bradford and it is in the Leeds zone so I can go there on P-Days! And, Elder Ashby, my favorite old companion is moving to Leeds 2 area so we'll be close to eachother again. It's exciting transfers. They called 3 new APs. Yep 3. We now have 2 travelling APs that will go around and help the different areas. So that's exciting. A lot of new zone leaders and district leaders and trainers this transfer. It's going to be huge.
Thanks for all the support I have been getting from everyone lately. It's been a hard time to stay excited. This area is difficult. The ward here is great but it's just been a struggle after awhile. I have been going back rereading my journal this week and found a lot of the problems I have been facing here were ones faced there. For some reasons they just looked different. I started reading the Docterine and Covenants this week too. I felt impressed to and have been putting it off. But I have found I really enjoy it and how powerful it is to us. I have a manual that I found in the flat that helps to give background information and that just makes the revelations that much more powerful. So it's really helped me out a lot this week. I love you family. You stick with me through my rough patches.
Well I got to go now but I love you and miss you. Make sure to send that address around and DO NOT SEND ANY MORE POST TO PONTEFRACT AS THERE WILL NOT BE ANYONE AT THAT FLAT TO PICK IT UP AND SEND IT BACK. ta.
Well Cheerio family,
I miss you,
Love Elder Dudgeon

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