Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey how are things this week with everyone. We had a good week here in Keighly. Had some good work going on this week and got to find some new people too. A lot of little miracles throughout the week that have been such a great blessing to me and Elder Cumming. I love him he is so great and is one of my favourite companions. He is such a good missionary and has a great desire. He has a few things to learn yet but he's open to everything and takes criticism and grows. So good!
He doesn't like how I still make fun of his accent sometime but it's just a lot of fun laughs and jokes with each other. I can open up and ask and get advice from him too which is great. He's one of the few companions I have had that I feel we are unified in all we do.
The ward is great here in Keighly. I feel I am going to gain some weight here because of how well we get fed. We had a munch and mingle after church and there was a lot to munch on.
2 miracles for this week. We have this elderly woman investigator who is really sweet but very old. She has a bad leg from where she had cancer removed. We were trying to find the best way to invite her to be baptized but didn't know the best way to  bring it up or resolve the concerns she might have. Well we decided to watch a DVD with her but unsure of which one. We prayed and decided to do one that I had never seen before. The story of John Tanner and his conversion to the church and the help he gave. It was an amazing story that seemed to be perfect for our investigator. He had a bad leg that was going to kill him but he was miraculously healed and accepted the gospel. It was so great. So after wards we used the opportunity to invite her and schedule her for baptism.
The other is this week we've been praying to find some new people. On Saturday we were knocking a street. Ran into some funny moments with a couple drunks and knocking doors with clotheslines in front of them. You see people here in terrace housing to have gardens really. Just a little tiny patio in front of their house. Most people hang dry their clothes. So while we're knocking doors we just have to go under or around the clothes. But it's really awkward when you have some one's bra or underwear right next to your face while you're talking to them and trying to preach the gospel.. Elder Cumming gave an approach to a woman who answered her door. He said something about prophets and if she felt it would be important to know if God is working today and called a prophet. She said yes which took him by surprise. We asked if we could share the message, but she was busy then but said we could come by the next day. We did and she was right there waiting to let us in. It was a good appointment and she was really nice. We plan to see her again this next week.
So we are seeing some great miracles here.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Elder Dudgeon

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