Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Family Units,
Hey how goes it this week? We had a good week for the most part. We are working with quite a few people towards baptism and should have a few this month which is great. The ward here is doing great. I love it. I am a little tired the most because I'm not used to my new bed anymore. I left Ponte on a queen size now I have a single. Not that I am complaining but it's just quite funny trying to fit on it.
This week I went on exchange up to Skipton to help the Elders up there and get to know their area a bit better. It's a very pretty area and has a lot of beautiful country side. They have a small branch there that just started last year when I was in Bradford. They used to be in the Keighly ward but it's a long way to travel. It's full of tiny little villages that are pretty neat. While I was there I ran into a guy with a blue and green football top on and I immediately realized and said "that's a Seattle sounders jersey!" I think the man was quite frightened of me and I was a bit flabbergasted, but I got that he was from Paulsbo and married a woman from Skipton. It was neat to run into someone from close to home. While I was there I also talked to a lot of heathens. Well that is how they introduced themselves to me. It was quite funny. They got all offended that I believed in God and said we should believe in the earth. Quite a silly thought though. One kept yelling down the street which was funny because all I said was really hello to him and a short approach.
So I don't really know what to write about this week. I can't write anything too serious because the church has sent out a warning to all the missionaries to watch what they email home and that it's not sensitive to people. Like contains their names or events that they are going through. So I'm trying to watch myself with that.
I hope you are all doing well though. Lot's of good things are happening here. We should have a baptism next week which will be great.
I'l talk to you later though,
Elder Dudgeon

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