Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Family,
Hey I am sending some pictures. We had transfer calls last night. Elder Cumming is moving to Leeds 2 so he is still in the zone which is good. I am staying in Keighly and am getting Elder Jestice. I don't know much about him at all. His been out a bit longer then Elder CUmming but not over a year yet. It is really strange because this next transfer is the start of my last 4. I was just thinking about it and it hit me last night. It was weird and kind of scary.
Things have been good this week. The Skipton Elders really stepped up and excelled and reach their goal for the week. We did pretty good too. It was great because my ne leader didn't come down on me. And when we reported in the goals and plans and actions on Sunday it went super smooth. It was quite strange and opposite of the week before. It's how it goes sometimes.
I'm excited to get a new companion. Elder Jestice and I will probably be together for the next 2 transfer. So far for my mission it has followed the pattern of being with my compainon for 1 transfer then 2, then 1, then 2, then 1, then 2, then 1, then 2, then 1. So ya it'll be interesting to see what happens. I hear Elder Jestice is American so that'll be good. No more racist scotsman. I'm also getting another missionary from my group going to be serving in Skipton. So that'll be neat. I am just sad I won't be able to go to transfer meeting and see the sisters I came out with leave. Oh well. That's what email is for.
Well I can't think of much to write this week. Thanks for all the support. It's nice to hear that you think I am growing because for me it's hard to see. It's probably more gradual then anything. but ya.
I love you all
Elder Dudgeon
The pictures are one of me with a samurai sword. That was funny,
Then 2 are from the baptism. Me elder CUmming, Colin and his sister who introduced the chruch to him.
PS: I can't believe I forgot this. Colin who just got baptized has been on Dialasis for a long time. he's already had one kidney transplant. It takes a lot out of him and he has some really hard days. He's just been waiting for a kidney. Well we got a call on Tuesday moirning from sister Dean saying that Colin got a call from the hospital to come in straight away, they got a kidney for him. It was so good. So He has gone in for the transplant and just recovering in the hospital. So great!
The last picture is one of me and a recent convert named Michael. Michael is an artist and does a ot of landscape paintings. I asked him if he could do a tree of life painting for me. He did and signed it and gave it to me. It's like my favorite gift I've gotten my mission so far.
that it. bye

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