Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Family,
So sorry about that ast week. I am still really tired and stressed. I have a lot to deal in my little district. I can't believe how difficult it gets sometimes. I got a bit depressed this last week, but I just kept plugging along and it's gotten better. I think it's because Elder Jestice is not the most obedient missionary so it's difficult. Like when a day is rough and nothing goes right and you haven't done all you can to be obedient you start to question yourself. When you are obedient though, even if they day goes wrong, you still have that to fall back upon to feel good about. So I have really strived for that this last half of the week and it's gotten way better.
We are teaching a few more people now. We have a Czech family we are teaching. It's a bit difficult with the language barrier but we get by it by comparing material and using google translator. I haven't used that in a long time on my mission but they've updated it a lot now and it's been a real help. Plus with the church constantly trying to update their website helps a lot. They were met to come to church yesterday but the father was sick. We have a few more people we hope to progress to baptism by Conference weekend or the week after. It should be good. Keighley is a great place and has some blessed people in it.
A funny part from this week. We got some lunch after a meeting on Saturday. We were going to take it back to our flat to eat and so we could drop off our stuff. Well we got on the wrong bus that took us farther away from our house. It would've looped back and brought us close but Elder Jestice had to start eating his lunch on the bus. The driver got mad because he could smell it and told him no eating on the bus and kicked us off. There are no signs that say you can't, but Elder Jestice wasn't the nicest to the guy. So we get kicked off the bus as far away from the flat that it could've left us. We then had to walk back to our flat cutting across some trails though the parks and woods. I had to stop every 20 paces for Elder Jestice because he has ingrown toenails that he hasn't fixed for like 3 months so his feet hurt when he walks. So ya it was a long day. Not much came out of the day either but I was obedient as I could've been all that day so I slept easy. That was nice.
Well Thanks family for your support. I hope this fall is good for everyone. It's my last fall of my mission. TIme keeps creeping up and that scares me. I don't need any reminders mom! ;) anyways. Love you all.
Elder Dudgeon

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