Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear family,
Hey thanks for the emails this week. It was a rough one until yesterday. We had a mission tour with Elder Donaldson of the area presidency here. He used to be in the mtc presidency when I was there so I know him quite a bit. It was really good and I will tell you about it a little later. But that's the reason why I am emailing today.
 It was a rough week with Elder Jestice. (yes myranda you are right). Anyways it was a rough week because we didn't find any new investigators as a district till Sunday. We found one here in keighly. I was trying to work with Elder Jestice and the other teams with how we can improve and they all just get back to me and say that they can't think of anything. They all just kind of threw on me. Great. I came up with some ideas and a plan for Elder Jestice and I and gave it to the Zone leaders. They weren't sure about but I held firm and confident with it. I think it's just from how I explain things them. I am not the best or they don't understand me. Well all the things I mentioned were talked about at the meeting yesterday. Elder Donaldson spoke about all of them and how we can use them. It was pretty neat. During the meeting I also got to go up there and help him with his instruction. I don't normally volunteer but I wanted to be a good example for the district.
Afterwards President Lindley talked to Elder Jestice and I separately. He told me everything he had said to Elder Jestice and what he wanted me to do to help him. It made me feel a lot better after him talking to me and the trust he said he has in me. It was just a good time to talk to him. That he sees that I'm working hard and trying my best.
Well I don't remember any stories to talk about this week. not too much happened. A missionary came back to Keighley with his parents. It was really neat to see him again because I have served around him before and with him on exchanges. He's from Holland and has been home for a few months. It was neat to see the effect that a mission has on someone, but its hard to see sometimes until they get home.
Oh here's a story. So I street contacted this guy a couple weeks ago who said we could come by. He gave us a false mobile number and when we went by no one was in. This week though I was thinking about it and just felt that we really had to go by and see if he was in. Well turns out that he doesn't even live there but a nice lady did. We started talking to her and she let us share the message with here and we are going to see her this week. It's funny how that works.
I wish I was home for all the memorials and things like that for 9/11. No one was even talking about it over here. One guy on saturday even made a joke about it when we knocked into him. (He then found out that we were Americans and apologized). It's kind of sad. The only thing that really appeared was mention of the Brits that died in the attacks. People make more fuss about the London bombings here still. Which is sad as well but this is something that effected a lot more people. It was a bit frustrating but it's how it is.
WEll I am doing really good this week. I hope everyone is enjoying the end of Summer. Mine is very cold and wet and windy. YA English SUMMER!
Elder Dudgeon

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