Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Family,
I am so excited to be emailing you from the Keighly library right now. We have had a great week. I really love my new companion a lot. His name is Elder Cumming and he is from the north of Scotland. Yep he's a highlander! He is so good though. Very diligent and hard working. He is very young on his mission though but he acts more mature and is better at teaching the doctrine then me! His accent is the best. I keep making fun of him for it and we all just laugh. It's words like book and took that are really different. SO when you say like the Book of Mormon, I start giggling. I had to stop myself Sunday because we both had to give talks. He'll correct me though if I don't say it in a scottish accent sometimes. It's funny and we get a long great.
A bit about Keighly. It is pronounced, KEEF LEE. Ya I know. Quite strange. It is a bit like Bradford. There are more muslim people here then Pontefract but definitely not at much as Bradford. It's surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys that are green and filled with fields and trees. There's even a steam engine that rolls around for tourists. Makes you feel a bit like Harry Potter huh?!  It's not a big area here. There's little villages that all around, but they have a good size ward and we have a decent size teaching pool. We have a few people we are working with who are making good progress but we need to a lot more finding too. We've already done quite a bit this past week with just a lot abuse but we shall press on!
All the people I've met so far are great. I hope I've made a good first impression. I got in on Wednesday and that night I got a call and asked to give a talk on Sunday. It went well and I was really excited to do it. It was on ''The Worth of Souls''. I hope the ward enjoyed it. It was nice for me because I got to see all their faces and get to see everyone.I have already seen a few members from the Bradford ward or people from the take that had visited there. It's been neat to catch up and hear more about people. We live with members here and have a nice flat in the attic. The members are really sweet and nice. It's probably one of the nicest member/missionary houses I've been in.
So ya Pontefract is closed down for the moment. They had to close down 5 areas but with this next transfer I hear they are going to open 8. So all the ones plus more. That's pretty good. I got to see a couple members from the ward on Sunday. They were stopping by because of a little holiday they had been in on. It was so nice to see them. I just looked down in the congregation and saw a familiar face and I got a big smile in return. I hope Pontefract stays strong and that the new missionaries they put in there cando some good work. Keighly has a lot of ties with people in Pontefract. The former bishop here has a son who was our bishop in Pontefract. There's a few more things so it was pretty neat. I like that many of my areas have been close. I think there are stronger connections that way.
Well I don't have much more to say. I'll write to you next week. thanks for all the emails.

Elder Dudgeon

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