Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hey Everyone,

How's everyone's day/week been? My has been good. I'm very tired though. I can barely keep my eyes open right now. It's Tuesday by the way. We have to email during our lunch time today because we weren't able to yesterday. For our P-Day we went with the whole zone to Malham. This area out in the country where you can do some hiking and stuff. It was fun to drive out there and see the countryside. It's the part you imagine when you think of England. We did do some hiking though. There were a couple water falls as well that were really pretty. I took plenty of pictures. I would send them right now but I don't have all of my stuff with me. It was great, really pretty. We climbed up the waterfalls which was amazing.

Sounds like things are going good at home. Glad to here that mom is back and that she had fun on her trip. Sorry it was wet but so was here. The past 6 days was rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. One day it would rain all day and the next it would be sunny. Luckily it was sunny for our P-Day. It really pours here though. We were inside for most of it. But even the 5 to 10 minute walk inbetween appointments was enough to get soaked in. Oh well.

So I'm really tired today but it's ok. I'm always tired anyways. This last week has been good though. Went kind of slow. There was general conference this weekend which was great. My second out of 4 on the mission. It is a little different because we watch Saturday morning on saturday night. Then the Saturday afternoon, priesthood, sunday morning and afternoon sessions are all on Sunday. We don't get to watch the Sunday afternoon though because it is shown live here at 9pm. Too late for missionaries. But we got a couple people to watch a session. We had quite a few people confirmed to come but no one showed up or they canceled. Sad day.

Vikki, the recent convert, just got engaged. That's great. It's odd because I just here about Myranda then this one as well. Their dates are close as well. Maybe if I'm still here I can go. Well else is new... Not much really. Things have slowed down with Muna because she got a job and is very very busy all the time. But we'll keep doing our best with her. We've got a couple more people we're working with as well but not too much progress yet. We really need to pick up though. We can definitely do better in our efforts. Jason's sister is getting baptized this weekend. That's exciting. And his mum, Sue, is working on quiting smoking. It's so good.

Lets see time for some funny stories. One is the other day we were trying by a couple people in a village not to far from ours. We were walking back to the train station, and talking to people as we walked. I went to stop a person a few meters ahead of me by saying '' hey mate how you doing t-...'' then I had to correct my self, ''I mean ma'am how are you doing today?'' She looked like a man. But when I got close enough and said something I could tell she was a woman. I hate this I get woman that look like men and men that dress like women. People are weird on my mission.

Well nothing else really to report. I miss everyone though. I can't believe it's already October. Things are going quick. I say that and it hasn't even been a year. It's crazy. Anyways. Love you all.


Elder Dudgeon

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