Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hello from the wonderfully multicultural Bradistan! It has been an interesting slow week, but good none the less. We have been working hard with the people we are teaching. The bare few. And we were blessed to find a couple more yesterday. The biggest greatest thing though was a baptism on Saturday! The Bradford 2 elders had a couple people getting baptized. I was able to perform one of them as well. You know who it was? It was Jason's younger brother Paul! Ya! Woo! It was so great to see everyone again. Jason and his girlfriend, Bryony, were there. As well as the rest of Paul's family, his mom, sisters, and a couple friends. It was wonderful. Paul and his family live up in Bradford area. While we were teaching Jason back in Halifax, he told his family about the church and not too long after he found the missionaries who serve in Bradford. He ran up to them and told them to come over to his mom's house some time. So the missionaries have been working on teaching the family and look at the wonderful blessings. We're working with our people up here in Bradford 1 area and we should be having another baptism later this month as well.

Some big news now. The wards here in Bradford, 1 and 2, combined on Sunday to make 1 great super ward of amazingness! So ya now we are combined which will be great I feel. It will help everyone in the wards and give people a better chance to grow in the gospel. It will be interesting though because we will have 2 teams for the whole ward. We'll see what the mission decides to do. It would be good to keep both teams it's just figuring out about staying in our areas and working with members and stuff. We'll see, more to come. The ward is great. There's even a few members that I think some of you have talked to through facebook. It's great to hear that members can communicate all the way around the world (plus I get to hear how you're doing through out the week )

Well I'm glad to hear things are going well at home. Glad people are asking about me and all. Glad to hear that Myranda is doing great (stressful but great) and that I'm going to get my wish! (It's ok Myranda you shouldn't mind). It's so good here. Their calling for an Indian Summer. I'm not sure what that means but it's been pretty nice this last week. Not really really hot but it's been pretty good. I love it. Well I hope everyone is doing well. I wouldn't mind some post though from people. Thanks though everyone for the support.

Yours Wonderfully and Truly,

Elder Dudgeon

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