Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear everyone and anyone,

Hello! How do, how do? Things have been good here. It's getting colder, though today and yesterday were quite nice. It's been freezing while knocking doors. Not too much fun, but we try our best to stay positive. It has been kind of a rough week. Not the best. We're still low on people to teach. There's a quote though that I've read recently, ''Nothing happens in missionary work until you find some one to teach.'' It's true. It feels odd to to go for a time without teaching a lesson. We have been putting forth good efforts but now it's time to do great. It's the only way. It's the doing every little thing we can to find people to teach. We did find a few people to teach this week and some potentials so that's great.

There was a protest in the city on Saturday. It had something to do with Muslims and an English Pride group. People trying to keep England the same. Really they're just a racist group. It happened a couple years ago I guess and there was a huge riot where whole BMW dealer or something got burned down with all the new cars in it. But this year police were out in force and I guess there wasn't too much that happened. But we sticked to the council of members and stayed out of the city for the day. Which was fine and easy because we don't even live in the city or needed to go down there.

Well that's it to report for now. Not much to say this week. It was bank holiday yesterday so we had to email today.

Love you all,

Elder Dudgeon

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