Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey Family and Friends

So transfers was good. I'm finally out of Halifax. 6 months was a long time. It was good and I was sad to go but also excited and ready to go. Luckily I'm not going too far haha. It was great to go to the transfer meeting for once and see all the new missionaries come in and bear their testimonies. I haven't been on the other side of it and it was really fun. Plus I got to see a lot of the other missionaries from my group that I haven't seen in a long time. It was great. It got me very excited and motivated.

Bradford though. What can I say about Bradford. It's a proper city that's for sure. I'm in Bradford one that covers the north half of the city and outlying areas. It's pretty fun. There are a lot, alot, alot, of muslims here. Like everywhere we go. Maybe that's why it's got the nick name of Bradistan. Most people are pretty nice though. It's a good area that we're in and the ward is fantastic. It's not too big but their so nice. The biggest issue we have is finding people to teach. There's not many right now. We have a lot of finding to do. But once we do find those people the ward will be ready to spring into action to help teach and fellowship. It is difficult to find people though because of transportation is not the best. We travel by bus and train but it's them coming on time or when we need them is the problem. We can work with it though. We just need better planning.

The flat is very nice as well. I have my own bathroom, that's neat. It's pretty big. Out on a main street with a pub on the other side. So on weekends it can get a bit noisy I found out. Luckily I can sleep basically through anything once I'm asleep (it's getting asleep is the problem).

My new companion is Elder Oviatt and he is very short. Haha it's great though he is such a good missionary. He's very obedient and focused but caring as well. It's the kind of companion I've been hoping for. He's from Utah so I'm back with an american.

So what's new. I had tea with a sister Brook (a different one) the first night in Bradford. I told her where I was from and she new exactly where it was. It turns out the missionary that baptized her so many years ago lives in Marysville. His name is Dick (Richard) Lester. I don't know if you know him mom. I had the address and phone number (It was weird to see a 360 number and 98271 area code), but I forgot them at the flat. But look him up in the stake directory and give him a call and tell him who you are and that your son just is serving in Bradford and just had tea with a Leslie Brook. I'm told he'll be very happy!

Not much to report more then that. I spoke in church on Sunday but just a small testimony. I'm looking forward to boost this are up and get it baptizing soon.

I miss everyone and hope their doing alright. I'm working on letters still (sorry) but keep sending please! Cheers!


Elder Dudgeon

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