Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Family,

Hello Family, So transfer calls came in and...... I am going to Bradford 1 with Elder Oviatt. If you want to know where Bradford is. It's just north of Halifax. The bus I take to go to our flat from town, goes up to Bradford past their flat. I'm so close. So I try to get out of Halifax and I get to take a little step. It's ok though. I'm glad to get out of Halifax. It's well needed and I'm looking forward to it. It's in the Leeds Zone now as well so new everything just not very far away.

This week went well though. SOme crazy things happened. First was when I was on exchange with one of our Zone Leaders in Halifax. We went to a chinese buffet for lunch. While we were there a man came up to us and asked if we were the missionaries for the Halifax ward, who the bishop was at the time and stuff. We find out he is an inactive member who was baptized when he was about 12 or so in 1989. So the story is this. He went on facebook one day and for some reason decided to look up the missionary who baptized him. Amazingly enough he found him and sent him a message. The next morning the missionary sent him a message back confirming he was the one who baptized him and sent him pictures of when the man was baptized. The former missionary also sent him more information to get him in touch with his companion who had confirmed the man as well as some other people. That morning was the day he saw at the restaurant. It was great. Elder Webb and I have gone to see him a couple times now. And he wants us to reteach him and his family. Also him and his girlfriend came to church on Sunday. It was great because he still knew some of the people who were still there from when he was baptized.

Also on Sunday... Jason, my recent convert, had to give a talk. Just something short bearing his testimony. Well he was really nervous. The bishop talkde to him before to interview about get the priesthood and getting advice on what to say. Well Jason got up and just gave the greatest testimony ever on how we came by and were able to answer the questions that he had. As well as he knows the Book of Mormon is because of a witness he gained through prayer. It was so good and worded very well. Later I asked him about it. I asked him if the Bishop had given him what to say or if he read it off a piece of paper because it sounded so scripted. That's me showing my lack of faith. He told me that he hadn't rehearsed anything and the only thing the bishop told him was to listen and follow the spirit. I can't believe it! It's so great. This is one of the great things about going up to Bradford because him and his family live up there for the time being so I can see them on Sunday at church! I love it.

So other things that happened. We had Zone conference last week which was really good. Our new president likes to tell a lot of stories but they're so good and have a lot of lessons within them. And the even better part is they have a lot of general authorites in them because he worked so closely to them. The main story he told was about President Hinckley when he was an apostle and was dedicating a land for the preaching of the gospel. It was really good.

So how's home going? I hear that it's been pretty hot. Here it's been pretty cold. And rainy. I didn't think England would be this cold but it is. Lousy weather. Football season is starting back up. Already. So the drunks are coming back out from the short break at the world cup. That's always fun. They call me Elder Dungeon Master. How's home going. Glad that Aunt Anna came over this last weekend and all that. I miss everyone from home. So how's it been with Brad? Is he still there? Hello Brad . Haha. I can't wait to get a letter from Dad. I'm still working on his and I got a couple pictures to send him as well that he'll love. It goes with the Walls of Jericho bit hahaha! I can't believe Fono got his mission call! That's so great! I miss him. Ben Wilcox emails me now and I write letters in response. He's preping for his mission. He reports the in October I think. It's way good. I'm waiting for letters though from people other then family and whitney and carrie. Oh well I love getting anything.

So I'm sending some pictures with this. Some of me and my trainer at a mission home fireside as well as some of me and a couple investigators. Theres a picture of me eating a baby jabenero pepper (I don't know how to spell it.) but ya. Super hot. It was fun to do though. Their both really good guys and we wanted to have some fun before I left. There's a video of me as well but I don't think i can send them over email. It's pretty funny. I'm sad to go but happy as well.

Well I got to go. I love you though. I know the gospel is true. Till next week.


£ld£r 'Dung£on Mast£r' Dudg£on

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