Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Hello family!

I miss all you guys. Your emails this week are great to hear. I miss you all so much! This last week has been fantastic. My companion and I have been working really hard and guess what?! Jason got baptized on Saturday! It was a great service. We had quite a few members of the ward there as well as all the new bishopric. As well as Jason's family and his girlfriend and her family were able to come out and show their support. They really enjoyed it. Jason's girlfriend and mom have been looking into the church as well. It's great. The confirmation went well on Sunday as well. Most of Jason's family was able to make it. I was asked to do it and I was so nervous. I calmed down quite a bit before though but when I started saying the prayer thet spirit was just overwhelming. I started shaking. Yesterday we saw Jason and were talking about it and he asked me who was shaking the whole time! It was funny. I'll send pictures soon

We also got to meet our new mission President on saturday before the baptism. It was pretty neat to see other missionaries and get to meet President Lindley. He seems pretty neat and fun but not the same as President Stock. President Stock was amazing. President Lindley used to be in church security and was body guards to several prophets and apostles and has been on trips with them all around the world so it will be interesting to here some stories and what he knows. NOt much I can write about about because he would prefer that these stories about general authorities be circulated around the church through the internet.

My companion leaves soon. Wednesday is transfers and thats when he goes into the mission office and stays at the mission home then flies out the next day. My new companion will be Elder Webb. He's an english bloke. We'll see how things go with him. And yes I'm still in Halifax. It's ok. It's getting way better. And I enjoy the zone I'm in. And so by the way. My P-Day is today, Tuesday. Because of transfers so don't worry everyone if you sent an email late because of the week end. I got it.

The fourth of July went by with no big surprises. No fireworks or anything. Kind of boring. Except for the part where I almost died. (Sorry mom this is the part where you can't read since I'm sending this to all 3 of you.) So Devin, Myranda, ya I almost died. (Mom stop reading!) So we had a tea appointment with these elderly couple from the ward on Sunday. They were giving us a lift to our next appointment. We were almost there driving through a more industrious part of Halifax called Pellon. It's where there are a lot of Muslims and eastern europeans. Anyways we turn at a light when all of a sudden the sister driving us puts her head down. Then she started falling over towards her husband in the passenger seat. Basically she passed out at the wheel. I grabbed her and the wheel but by then it was too late and we jumped the curb and start going for a brick wall. Luckily her husband thought quick and pulled the hand brake and stopped us! He then shook her and she woke up like nothing had happened. The even greater blessing is there was a car behind us who saw it all and it ended up being a nurse who was on her way to work just around the corner. So ya that was pretty scary. The sister is fine though we heard and nothing to worry about.

(OK mom you can read again)

Other then that things have been good. Ever since England and the US lost things have been getting better. \it was ridiculous though because even at church thats all that was talked about. Lessons lost the spirit because of people jsut talking and joking about it. Prayers were said about the world cup and just ridiculous things. I'm glad it's over. Oh it was funny because the very next day that England lost all the flags and banners were gone. England is terrible with patriotism.

Well tomorrows my brithday. I'm pretty excited. I got one package so far. Some members in the ward gave me a gift though. It was a box of cereal call Kellogs Crunchy Nuts. Their like cornflakes but with a brown sugar, peanutty, honey glaze. I haven't seen them in the states and their are so good. They got a pretty good unique taste to them. I'll bring some home.

Well I love you guys. I miss everyone. Hope everyone had a good 4th! I miss all the food and fireworks. Talk to you all next week. Cheerio!


Elder Dudgeon

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