Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear peeps,

How goes it in the great northwest? Sounds like things have been going ok. Nothing too crazy. Stake changes and everything. That's neat. Is everyone getting excited for Halloween? You have to be extra excited for me because they don't celebrate it that much. They have bonfire night but thats on the 5th of November for different reasons. I wish I could be there. Myranda and Brad look like they carved a pretty neat pumpkin of President Monson. Devin sounds excited for the ward Harry Potter Halloween party. Haha I'll show you Harry Potter. No we do need to watch them all when I get back and I'll let you in on what they are really saying ;) Mom said that Delvin Tapusoas cousin is coming to the Leeds mission! Thats way neat. Mom you will have to tell me his name and let me know when he is coming. (I still need to train someone haha). I got dad's letter this week and started writing him back. I felt it was important too.
So things have been good here. The weather has gotten really really cold. Not freezing but I walk around with a scarf and gloves on. My jacket I got is too thin for the cold. It's fine for the rain. I'll just need to start wearing my thermals I guess. This week has been a little slow. We have been teaching 2 people though who are looking good for baptism. They're both really great. One we gave him a Book of Mormon on Wednesday and finished it by Saturday morning! Crazy. We are struggling to find people to teach but there is room for us to improve. This week I am hoping will be better.

The Bradford district should be having baptisms these next 3 weekends in a row! That's so good. We just need to find more to keep it going. The ward has been doing great on backing us up and helping fellowship. I hope I get to stay another transfer here. The area and the ward are great. We just need to do better.

I can't say much about this week because it wasn't too good. Not many amazing things happened besides what I've already told you about. Well everything we do is amazing and there are lots just not many that I can think of and say. Well I'm gunna cut this one short this week. I love you all though.


Elder Dudgeon

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  1. Elder Dudgeon it is good to hear you are doing well and we as always love to read your comments. I am horrible at letter writing, sorry. I really need to get in habit for sure now.
    The weather is changing here as well. Not that cold yet, but deffinately colder than last week and the great NW rain has made it's appearance again. Yes the holidays in Europe are quite different than what they are in the States. - Hope you will be finding more contacts to share the gospel with. Hang in there you never know whose life you will touch. I had proof of that today when the teacher I am working with ad some questions about the church. Apparently when Kelcie was doing an internship with him 5 years ago she shared a few things with him and he just know was curious enough to ask more.

    Talk to you later
    Aunt Gisela