Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Family,

How goes it? Everything here is going good. The week went well. I'll talk about that later. Sounds like everyone is doing well. I got some good emails from everyone today. Thanks for that. It's good to get those some times. Not too much happening though besides the norm back at home?

Well we got our transfer calls last night, and surprisingly I'm getting moved to Billingham. Elder Oviatt is staying in Bradford to train a new missionary. That'll be 7 1/2 months in one area for him. That's tough. But I'm kinda happy because that means I probably won't move right before Christmas or stay in Bradford for 6 months. The next Transfer happens 3 days before Christmas. Imagine going to a new area and spending Christmas with people you haven't gotten a chance to meet! So ya it should be good. They live with a member there so that should be interesting. It's been a pain though having to pack everything up. Bradford has been a good area. Good people, ward, flat, transportation, food, etc... It's been nice.

So we did have a baptism this weekend that went really well. The ward was great and President and Sister Lindley came and spoke at the end. It was powerful. The confirmation the next day was really good as well. It made a rough week nice. We should be having another one this weekend but unfortunately I'm not going to be there.

So some crazy story time. On Saturday morning, Elder Oviatt had a meeting for district leaders in Leeds that he had to go to. So I went with another missionary and did street contacting in town. During the morning a man came up to us and said that we had not accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts because we read the Book of Mormon. It wasn't very nice. He just went off on the bible says this, the bible says that. And I said yes it also says this and it also says that. Anyways he was very rude and wouldn't listen to anything. He left but about 30 minutes later came back and gave me a bible. He told me to read it and said that it was perfect because it was the simplified New King James Version. So I got a free bible Saturday morning. Pretty neat. Pretty annoying though.

We had Bonfire night this last week. It wasn't anything too special. Weak compared to the 4th of July. All the fireworks died around 10. BUt it had been going all week. Kind of weird. We had tea with a member here who's from Latvia. He is an older gentleman but such a good member. He fought in WWII and gave me some interesting perspectives on it now. Things weren't as black and white. It was really neat though. I love learning the history.

We have been working hard and finding a few new investigators but nothing to progressing so far. We'll see how Billingham gets. Don't send any packages either by the way. Not yet till I give you my new address. The office doesn't want to be flooded for the holiday season so they have asked once we move to send the packages straight to where we live. So I will send that to you next week. I did get Devin's though with all the music. Thanks it's so great! I love having more music.

Well I miss everyone. I love you.

Cheerio Elder Dudgeon

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