Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Family,

How are things. It's weird getting emails from everyone each week. Each time it's different and each one of you is different in your writing as well. It's hard to read them each week sometimes. And even harder to respond. What do I say that I can say for all to hear? Well this one is simple and easy because it's a new area and a new companion.

I'm in Billingham which is a small area. We cover it and a town called Stockton-on-Tees or just Stockton. It's a neat place very different from Bradford and Leeds area. There is no big city anymore. It's nice though. We're right next to a chemical or nuclear plant which is neat to see the huge chimneys just in the background. I'm not too far from the coast though which can go to on P-Days. Which I wouldn't mind. I miss seeing the ocean. But, this is a great area with a great ward and great people. There was a baptism just this past weekend and there should be more this month as well. So it's nice to come into that. We should've had a baptism back in Bradford this last weekend but I won't find out till later this next week. I do miss Bradford a little bit but I feel like I'll love this area.

My companion is Elder Thorup. He is great. He's from Taylorsville, UT near Salt Lake City. He has been out more then a year. He's the district leader. We get a long really well. No problems yet. He's just an all around funa pleasant missionary to be around. He loves the work, but knows how to enjoy it and make it fun. We live with a member which is interesting. Not something I'm used to but it goes well. I also sleep on the top bunk of the beds. That's interesting. Been awhile since I've done that. Not much else to say. I feel like I already know a bit about the area and the district because my second and third companions both served here.

How are things going for Myranda's wedding? Good? I wish I could be there now. What are the plans for Thanksgiving? Where's it going to be this year? I was telling Elder Thorup about the Turkey Bowl. I'm sad we're going to miss that but we may get together with the zone to play some touch football or some proper football against the Sunderland zone. What about Christmas? What's everyone doing for Christmas since the Wedding is so close?

I sent a package home with some stuff in it. Some is mine and some is for all of you. I have some old planners, a hymnbook, a pillowcase, and some coins and pins and things like that that I didn't want to lug around anymore. The coins are all the coins except for the 2 pound. If you line up the backs of them they make a shield like the one on the pound coin. There is a pin from the Piece hall in Halifax for dad. The other one is the White rose for Yorkshire and that's mine. As well there is a big bag there for Myranda with the Union Jack flag. Some chocolate for everyone. Souvenir tea towels for mom and English flag from the world cup for dad. As well as cd's full of my pictures. Oh and some cufflinks for Devin They were just kind of funny was. I was going to give them to dad but I don't think he'll wear them that often. That's all that I could send at the moment. And it's quite expensive to send things as well So ya. I hope you will all enjoy them. And I hope they will get there soon. It will take awhile because I sent it with the cheapest option.
Well that's about it. Elder Thorup and I are going to just go hang out for the rest of the day then head back to the work tonight. I hope things are going well. I miss you all. I'm not sure what to send me for christmas. Some easy mac n cheese. Those back heat pads would be nice. A copy of Jesus the Christ. Just some money would be nice too so I can get some things here. But I love you all.

Elder Dudgeon

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