Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Mom,

Hey, I love you mom. Things got a little better this week. I did end up working a lot of it out. My companion and I have been getting a long a lot better lately. He is such a goofy guy and since I get pretty serious sometimes it's difficult, but I'm just learning to laugh at it and relax a little bit about somethings. It was funny though because he was really up tight this week. We had the baptisms of this amazing family of 4, the Cuthbertsons. My companion really wanted to make sure everything was perfect for it because it's a family he's been working with the whole time. So he was up tight and maybe a little stressed, so instead of making things worse I stood back and let him do what needed to be done. Trying to help him lighten up a little bit. The baptism went great. All problems were resolved and the whole thing was amazing. We had 4 different members baptize so we have pictures of 8 people in white! It was great.

I think the best moment though was the Sunday after when they were confirmed. We had the exact same people who baptized them confirm them. These were all members in the ward that had helped fellowship and support them. So there were 6 of us in the circle and each blessing was a little bit different but very special. It took awhile to do all of them though. The best part was afterwards was testimony meeting. A lot of members got up and bore their testimonies about missionary work and how it's been such a blessing. The the father of the family, Gareth, got up and bore his testimony. It was a wonderful testimony. He said he felt the spirit tell him to get up then he felt 3 more nudges from the spirit (or his family). He told about their week before. How they went down to London to see his wife's sister and got stuck because of the weather (Ya the snow is all over England now), and that their car broke down. But they were able to get back Friday night before their baptism. He said they were struggling quite a bit and being worn down but felt the support of everyone and got over all the obstacles. It was a good testimony. I almost cried. I dared not to look at Elder Thorup because I knew he was going to be (I asked him later and he said he was). Later on in the gospel principles class, they were in there and the lesson was on baptism. Gareth talked about how he didn't feel any different when he was baptized but rather that he had given something to God, but when he received the holy ghost that day that he felt like he had received something. Well it was an interesting way he said it because as we read later on in the book it talked about how at baptism we promise things, or give things to God, and when it is complete through confirmation that we receive blessings. It was amazing. A really really good weekend.

Another day that was good this week was Thursday. The theme for the day could've been service! We went and saw a couple recent converts that morning and gave lessons about service. How and why we give service in the church and how it brings us blessings. Well afterwards we went to another members home for lunch and to borrow a shovel. We had found a couple new investigators the day before and offered to shovel their walk. So we went to go do that and while walking down their street there was a few people who asked if we would do theirs. Only jokingly of course but we said sure! We shoveled in front of the investigators house (this is on a street thats just terrace housing. So it's just a front door then sidewalk) and when we were down we went down and shoveled the other peoples as well. We did about 6 houses, and got to talk to the people who lived their. They gave us some hot chocolate (after we told them we don't drink tea or coffee haha). We invited them to our ward christmas activity and asked if we can come around again later and share a little bit about our church. Some of them weren't bothered but some agreed. It was great. Well you think it would stop there but we tried to keep that theme for the day. We had a tea appointment with some members that night and decided to share a message about service using the examples from the day. It was a good lesson. Well Sunday one of the sons who just got back from his mission gave a testimony how he was thinking about service ever since we gave that lesson. Then out of nowhere he got a flat tire while driving. It was hard to change the tire in the cold snow with no gloves or anything and not exactly sure what he was doing. Well at that same time the Bishop drove by, saw him, pulled over, and had the tools to help him change his tire. He was greatful that God showed him the importance of serving eachother. Oh it was a great sacrement meeting.

So it was a good week. Things have really started to get better. Elder Thorup and I are getting along really well. I had already started doing the things you said to due. That is humble myself. I started finding ways to serve my companion more. I made him breakfast when he was having to prepare for a district leader council. Made his bed because he was running late. He's been really tired lately because of district leader duties and follow ups so I try to do the things that I can. I talked to the member we live with last night, Bro Kelly. He's a nice guy. He loves his american football so I talked to him a little about that last night (he's a big raiders fan), then I used the opportunity to talk about some of the recent converts and less actives. Bro kelly is in the Elders quorum presidency so I figured we could work with him more since we live together. He gave us the Christmas decorations for the tree and house so we can decorate. He said it's tradition for the missionaries to do it every year. He says that they usually like to do it so ya. I think it will be fun. I am excited to decorate. A member bought us a small fake tree with lights and decorations so we used the day we didn't have a tea appointment to put it up and decorate it in our room. It's pretty. I never have had a fake tree before.

Sorry no more snow there. We have tons here and it's really cold. I got a new jacket by the way. I don't know if I told you. It was free!!! Found it in our pile of flogged clothers in our room. It's a really nice coat that covers my suit, and is completely waterproof. And best of all it fits me. I guess some missionary who finished his mission there was about my size because I found a suit and shirts and stuff that were all my size. Most were too gross to wear though. There was some winter clothers though like hats and scarves so that was good. They just needed a wash. So don't worry about coats or anything for me. As well we had a mission rule change. We can now where hats in the cold as long as they are nice and conventional. So I have been wearing my headband a lot. It works great. I haven't received Myranda's announcement yet. Post has slown down though because of weather. It shouldn't snow too much though the next week or so so we'll see if I get it this week.

Well I hope things are going well at home for you guys. I hope dad is doing well. I miss him. I haven't written a letter yet. I've started a couple of times but never finish them. Let him know though that I am thinking about him everyday. I just want to make sure I write him a good letter. How is he doing with everything going on?

Well I'm gonig to send Devin and Myranda some short emails now. You are getting all the stories so if they ask you can forward them to them. I wanted to send you a nice big one this time though. I miss you mom. I thought everyone was going to be upset with me after my last email, but no one was. I'm glad because I felt really bad afterwards. But I love you and hope things are going well.

Love your son,

Elder Dudgeon

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