Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Everyone!
It's good to finally hear from everyone. I'm glad things are going well with everyone. Sounds like everyone is busy with all sorts of stuff. I'm so jealous. I'm busy doing the usual. What's the usual you might ask? Oh it's missionary work! This week was ok. Different things happened, but it was not the best. So Lets start.
This week we had almost all the investigators we found last week, drop us. Sad day. That's not fun. We still have one we're working with who is doing great and coming to church. This week as well there was leadership training in Leeds. So My companion who became district leader, and Elder Caine (The mighty South African from my group) who is training, both had to go. So Elder Caine's greenie, Elder Porter from Toronto, and I had to work between both areas. So the whole city of Bradford! It was tough. We lost quite a bit of time travelling back and forth, and basically this week didn't go well because of that.
So we limped along after that. got one investigator to church. Then we met another person last night while finding. We walked with him to his house and then taught him. It was so good. He's my age and really nice. It was just a witness to me that God is working. I got really discouraged this week and was really down. Things just kept weighing on me and I let it effect my work. Well I got a letter this week from my friend Leah. We met back at BYUI. Well she wrote a lot about faith and working through hard times while explaining things that have been happening in her life. It was so great to get that letter this week because it was exactly what I needed to pick me up. I started looking at the things I was grateful for and the ways the lord had been blessing me this week. There was plenty I missed because I was down or discouraged. But I Started to notice those things more and it's really started helping last night. I got happy again and we saw blessings. Thanks Leah! This is why missionaries need post and people to write!
Elder Oviatt and I had some weird experiences this week. One of the times we were together we were walking to some investigators home. We had just got off the bus at the super market and started walking when this old lady stopped us and started talking about how they used to not have big supermarkets and stuff. How she used to work on a milk truck and crazy things. she was very upset on how England has changed. Completely random. Hmm. What else. There was that new investigator last night. We talked to him while walking to finding, asked if we could come by right then and share our message, he said sure, but it's more then a mile that way. So we walked and talked with him. That was really good. It went really well.
I think thats it for now. I'm glad Myranda is well getting ready for a wedding. I hope everyone is doing well and surviving that. I miss the Autumn season. It's one of my favorite times of the year. I wish I could be there to carve pumpkins and bake seeds and everything. People here celebrate it but not that much. They have what they call bon fire night, which a basically a night where you can have a bonfire. Whoo hoo. Very original. I think we'll carve pumpkins as a district on pday if we can find some.
Well Cheerio,

Love Elder Dudgeon

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