Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello from HALI!

Good ol' rainy England! I've realized how lucky I've been to have sun for the beginning of the mission. The other day we went to town centre in the morning and did some street contacting. Thing is it was raining the whole time. I had my rain coat and an umbrella so when talking to people I'd stand in the rain and hold the umbrella over them and tell them about the gospel. We found a couple people that were interested and willing to listen but no return appointments. We only did it for a couple hours but by the time we came in for lunch we were soaked. But I didn't care I enjoyed doing the work. Thank you to all those who think or pray about the missionaries and continue to pray for miracles!
I had to speak in the ward on Sunday. Just introducing who I am and things like that. I gave a short talk on missionary work and why I'm excited to take up the call and then extended it out to everyone. I focused on the verses in the Book of Mormon in Alma 36:19-20, 24-25; then in Doctreine and Covenants 88:81. I bore my testimony at the end. It felt like a good talk and my companion and the other elders agreed.
We've been teaching a few people lately but no one solid enough for a baptismal date. So I keep studying and praying for those miracles. We have one person who we're teaching with his cousin. He's going through a rough time in his life, sort of a mid life crisis. But we've shared the restoration and plan of salvation with him and it's really making him think. He says it makes sense. The only problem he has is with praying. He just uncomfortable with it. Feels it's silly, but we're gunna keep teaching him and praying with him so hopefully soon he'll be find an answer.
Well I got to go now. Hope everyone is doing well. I sent out a lot of letters today so hopefully people will be getting them soon. I'll be sending home some pictures next week too. I forgot my camera today. Till then I pray for everyone's health and safety.


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