Tuesday, March 9, 2010

week 3 transfer time

So they are letting us email tonight instead of tomorrow because we won't be able to due to transfers. I'll be heading out to the mission home tomorrow and being assigned to my trainer. I'm very excited to get out of the MTC. The time here has been great but for the past couple days I felt held back. I feel that it's time to grow more. Thanks for emailing me write back though. Glad to have gotten mail. JK.
This last week did go well though. Went tracting through Chorley for a few hours and and we actually found a girl who let us teach the first lesson to her and give her a BOok of Mormon. We asked her to attend church on sunday and meet the missionaries assigned to her area, but we don't know if she did. The chat sessions that we have been doing have been going really great. We helped a couple inactive people feel good and hopefully start going back to church.
I've mastered my testimony in german as well as some other phrases. On sunday I bore my testimony in German and Elder Wilde, the elder in my room who has been teaching me, bore his in english. It was a great testimony and felt good. I hope to keep in contact with him. Also sister Hecht, as german sister missionary who I've become friends with here, gave me her german hymn book. I almost cried when she gave it to me and I wish I could have hugged her. She marked her favorite songs for me. I hope you send me a german english dictionary for me whenever you send a package, as well as german book of mormon.
Please give sister randall my favorite scripture for the plack Alma 36:23-25. It's a good one I've come connected to here. And it's shorter then John chapter 15.
Well it'll be another week till I can here from you guys. Hope all is going well. Hope you got my adress fixed and stuff.
Till next week peace,

£ld£r Blain£ Dudg£on

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