Monday, March 8, 2010

week 2 Preston MTC

Hey family,

Things are going fine here. Just busy busy busy every day. Same old work but its still as great and amazing the first day. Food is fine, companion is alright. England is great it's just like home except older buildings and people drive on the other side of the road. Language here is fine. I said last time that I am already picking up the accent. I'm also taken it upon myself to learn german because we have 2 german Elders in our room. They can speak english pretty good but I find it fun to learn German. I've gotten my whole testiomny down, how to say it, write it and stuff. It's pretty cool. I might have you send me a german-engllish dictionary so I can work on it while over here. I might even try and learn it when I get home. But thats a ways away.

So we went into Manchester last week. It was good but I was nervous because last minute they switched my district around and gave us some of the german elders as companions. So I was left with an elder, Elder Franke, who didn't speak any english nor wanted to. I was left trying to carry him around while talking to people about the church. It did go well though. Was able to talk to a couple people, gave a pass along card here and there. But I was praying the whole time for a guy who could speak german and the next guy I talked to spoke a little bit, but Elder Franke didn't speak up at all. I was a little frustrated with him after that. I was hoping for a good experience though and thankfully right before we left to go back to the MTC, we were inside the train station when we saw a guy who kept staring at us. Well finally we approached eachother at the same time it was quite funny. His name was James and he had seen us missionaries all around Manchester that day and finally decided to ask what it was about the same time we approached him. He had heard of the church before. I was able to tell him a little bit and give him a Book of Mormon. He wasn't from Manchester unfortunately but we gave hima way to get in contact with the missionaries there so I hope he finds them. He was very nice and very genuine so I hope we helped and made a difference for him. I got less frustrated with Elder Franke after we got back to the MTC because The next morning he was gone. Sent home. I don't know why but it helped me see how important being unified with your companion is.

Couple other things we've been doing here is a chat system. People can get on a ask question over an IM system and we are there to answer. Elder Felton and I have had a few good contacts and are keeping email with some of them while they take the lessons from the missionaries in their area. It's great to see or at least about it helping people. Also a little frustrating because people get on there to mess around or just argue. We get to excersise 3 days a week including P-Day. They usually play volleyball or football and it gets really boring because people aren't very good at volleyball and theres just too many people for football. And nobody dares play me in basketball. I'm the tallest one here. And theres not very many of us.

Glad to here your trip is going fine and that you were still able to email me. Everyone has gotten letters here except for me so I was a little worried. If I hadn't gotten an email I would've thought something was wrong. Glad you were able to post things up on the blog. Hopefully I can here from you next week, its when I go out into the field. We'll see though.

HAve fun in Honduras,


Elder Dudgeon

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