Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Hey everyone!

Happy late Easter. How was everyones? Ours was good because of conference all weekend but just not the same with out a big family dinner. Wish I could have been there. But we've had an ok week. We didn't get to see the last Session on Sunday because of time difference. Also none of our Investigators came out so we were pretty bummed about that. But we're printing out talks today and bringing them by so that they can still read them.
We didn't get to email yesterday because it was a bank holiday. But they allowed us an hour this morning so sorry about that. Yesterday for P-Day we played some football. Like real football. We found an actual full sized pitch to play on and the rain held off. So with almost all the missionaries in the zone plus a few members we had a full game going. I played goalie for a third of the time and did well. Then the rest of the time I was just playing mid. It was so much fun, but now I'm really sore. It's all good though becuse I've been working out and stuff every morning like the white handbook says to and it makes me less sore. I recover a lot quicker.
On the spiritual side of things, we found a couple good solid investigators this last week that we will be seeing this week. One we met while walking up to our flat for lunch. We were street contacting in town and were finishing up. We had the choice to walk back up or to take the bus like we usually do. I felt like walking so we could keep talking to people. And thats when we ran into a guy named Mark who already has a Book of Mormon and said he had been feeling like reading and getting into it more.
The other one is a man we knocked into named Jock (yes Jock). He's an older man but very smart. He likes to learn things and study things. He grew up Catholic and is very confused about his feelings of God because of the things he and his family has experienced growing up. He had lots of questions for us. I prayed in my had to give him answers because at the time I only had a Book of Mormon that we give to people. So it's not marked. He asked like 3-4 big questions and each one a scripture just sort've popped out at me that was a perfect answer. We gave him that Book of Mormon and we commited him to read it. We should be seeing him tomorrow (Wednesday), and see how it's been going.
A third one is a man we've been teaching. We've seen him a few times. We taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation and he's liking it all. Says it makes sense to him. We even committed him to pray about things, about anything. He's started to pray a lot he says at work. He works at a machine shop and he says it has been very stressful for him because of quotas and deadlines they face from the buyers. But after he started praying they have been meeting their deadlines and the quality of the work has really impressed the buyers. In our last lesson he started bring up issues like gmabling, drinking, smoking, tea and coffee, and chastity. Things we never had talked about to him before. He says he is not ready or able to get married right now because he does have a partner (a partner here is a girlfriend who's basically their wife just not legally). He was asking if he could go to church even with that problem and we were so happy to tell him yes. So hopefully this Sunday we will get him out to church. We have another appointment with him this Friday.
This week should be a good week. Hopefully we have a baptism scheduled by the end of the transfer which is in 2 weeks. I'll probably be staying here in Halifax and be getting a new companion. We'll see though. I miss you all and thank you to everyone who has sent me letters. Keep sending, I love post! And Pictures too!

Elder Dudgeon

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