Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello from Hali!
Hey everyone! How's it going? So transfer call came in last night and....drumroll.... I'm staying in Halifax but I will have a new companion, Elder D. Hansen (there's like 4 elder hansens in the mission). I hear he is a great missionary so I am excited.

We've been working hard to get investigators to church on Sunday and finally we were blessed with not 1, not 2 but 5 investigators at church. That was more then a quarter of the zones for the week. It was good they all really liked it. There is a young couple who came. The guy doesn't really have a belief in God but we had a great lesson on prayer in the Elders Quorum and he really liked it. We showed them around the church afterwards and they said they wanted to come again next week! Hurray! We see them again tomorrow and hopefully they will start praying soon and be getting some answers to their prayers.

Last week was an extraordinary week. I went on a few exchanges because my companion is district leader. During one of the exchanges we decided to focus on a prayer a lot. We prayed all day wherever we went and we blessed to find people to talk to. We went to this one area to knock that we had prayed about. We didn't have the chance to because everyone we had talked to on the street was great and listened. When it got later after our tea appointment (dinner appointment), We had a little less then an hour. We weren't sure to do so my companion for the day Elder Laine, said lets pray again and pray so we can reach our goals that we had set for the day, So I said a prayer that we would know what to do so we could reach our goal, which was to find 2 more investigators so we would have 4 for the day. Well afterwards we both felt like to start walking to the flat (we were in Town Centre which is empty at night) and just talk to everyone we see. Before we even got around the corner we met a couple who we spoke to, Shared a lessona nd got a return appointment. We said a prayer right there with them and boom! Our 2 new investigators! It was great.
Another time was the next day. Me and my normal companion, Elder Eggleston were leaving the flat in the morning to go street contacting. I got the distinct impression to walk down to Town Centre instead of taking the bus which was only a minute away. So we walked down instead. As we did we found 1 new investigator and we ran into an old investigator who we had not been able to get a hold of for quite awhile. We were able to talk to her and see how she was doing, hopefully we will be able to see her again soon.
Things have been great in Halifax. We had 5 investigators at church this week. A young couple who are really nice and are going to come again next week. The guy doesn't have a belief in God yet but he feels there something there. He really enjoyed the more discussion type format that our Elders Quorum and Gospel Principles classes are.
As far as me, I'm doing fine. Really getting into the work and getting excited. Not gaining any weight yet. Still not able to go running but we have the bench in the flat still and so I work out every morning. Hopefully my new companion will go running with me. Oh and we are no longer in a 4 man flat. The other 2 elders moved out and went to other places so Halifax is down to 2 Missionaries again.
Thanks for everyones support and letters. If you sent any recently I won't get it for awhile due to the volcano in Iceland and planes not being able to fly. Darn. So boring here without post. But I love everyone! Cheers!

Elder Dudgeon

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