Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello how's things going? Things here are going well. I'm learning a lot from my companion Elder D. Hansen, and the good news is we got transfer calls last night and...... we're staying together in Halifax for his last transfer! I'm happy because that means I get to kill someone off (haha) and also because he's a great missionary and we work really well together. The only down side is that this means I'll stay in Halifax for another transfer after because I'll be the only one who knows the area. Thats 4 transfers, about 6 months in Halifax, 1/4 of my mission in my greeny area. Crazy.

The work here is moving slow and hard but it should be picking up. We're teaching a few couples right now that are having to over come chastity issues to get baptized but they really seem like they want to which is great. We're are working hard to find new people everyday and I'm really getting better at talking to everyone which is somehting I've struggled with.

It's been hot the past few days. In about the 24 to 28's. Thats celsius by the way. So we've been going without our jackets which has been nice. Today for P-Day of course its raining. Sad! The weather has been great though because more people are out and about and usually in a better mood. Unless there's football on. Haha! I'm nervous for when the world cup comes around and how well people will pay attention or care. For instance last night England played a friendly against Mexico before the world cup and we were knocking doors during it. More then half the people told us to get lost because they were watching the game. I do love futbol or football or soccer but beware of worshipping false idols haha.

I hope things are going well for everyone. I miss everyone back at home. Things are great here. It's hard but theres no other place and nothing I'd rather be doing then this. I know it's true and that the gospel is living. I see it everyday in my life here and in the lives of people who start woeking and seeking after it. It's hard to explain the power or feeling we get from prayer and from faith but that does not mean it's nothing or that it's deniable. It means we have to work harder to seek after it, strengthen it and understand it. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the living gospel, the only true gospel, and it's fullness is found in this church.

I love everyone,


Elder Dudgeon

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