Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Folks at home,
We all got a number and mine got called down the line. I'm officially out of Keighley and I am heading to Grimsby 2. IT's right on the ocean. I am so excited. I am going to be in a 4 man flat too. It's in the Hull zone so it's a zone I've never been to before. It's going to be so great. Google the address and look at the map of it. It's so pretty. It may be cold but I am going to love it. I am going to be serving with Elder Brown who is from my group. That'll be fun. It's kind of a geeky guy but he is a lot of fun. As soon as he gets going he's great.
My new address is
Elder Blaine Dudgeon
39 Humber St.
DN35 8NN
Keighley has been good but I really need something new after Elder Jestice and it will help me stay excited to the end. So besides an exciting transfer call I am doing ok. My mood is going up and down all the time. I think I'm just tired and stressed. I can see the end in sight so I try to sprint but some times I get discouraged. Most lately I am pushing hard as I can. think this move will help me continue. So all post and things need to go there. And by the way for Christmas I am not really bothered about much. You don't need to send me anything really. I am just in the process of sending things home and getting some family souvenirs and stuff (T-Shirts and ya). So if you want to send me anything, money would be the best thing.
Want to hear a funny story this week. So we were at a members house for tea and we were having some home made pizza. Well The crust was a little hard and while we're eating the member bit into his pizza and then we here a crack. I thought it was the pizza crust at first but he got a disgruntled look on his face, put his pizza down, and then reached in to his mouth and his front 3 teeth fell out. Well you should've seen my face. It was nasty. His bridge for his teeth broke. It was quite funny afterward but kind of gross.
Well My talk this week went well. I was one of 2 speakers. It was remembrance sunday here too (like veterans day) so I was souppose to keep something to that. Well the topic I got was living peaceable with one another so I talked about how wars are not good because they do not bring us peace. That fighting is something of the natural man. We do it as children, but that the higher law is to live peaceably with everyone. I talked how the greatest thing we can do to honour those who have fought and laid down their lives is to strive to live in peace with the opprtunities they provided for us. I tried to push that it is in honour of our covenants that we need to do these things and then how the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to how we do it. I also spoke about justice. How even if we are wronged and we seek justice we can still be wicked. It depends on the manner in which we seek that justice. If it is contentious then it is not good. The verse I kind of highlighted was in Romans 12:18 and the last verse in that chapter which talks about overcoming evil with good.
So that was a nice highlight for the week. Not much else is new. I am sending one parcel home right now. It just has some things that I don't want to carry around as much. But there are a couple of things in there for mom. (licorice and pontefract cakes) and dad has a couple of football team glasses and coasters. The rest just set aside for me. am going to be sending more things home for everyone don't worry.
Well I think that's it this week. I love you all
Elder Dudgeon

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