Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Folks at home,
Well so this was an interesting week. We had new years which was alright. Everything just full working days still. Kind of tough with how crazy people are. As well as Grimsby Town had a football match on New Years Day so you can imagine how rowdy people were, how cranky they were, how drunk they were, and how much they wanted to talk to us. Well not too much that last one.
It's a bit of a struggle to keep everyone excited right now about the work. It's trying to keep them positive and excited for the right reasons. It's hard during this holiday time but I know that it will get better. I can't think of many crazy exciting stories right now. Our zone leaders want to do a nerf gun war for our zone pday. Elder Brown and I are a bit dissappointed because thats kind of lame and we don't want to waste our money. Plus I would rather go do something really enlgishy for my last p-day as a zone. Oh well. Luckily Elder Brown and I have some flogged guns in the flat that we can use so no worries. The other elders in the district just went out and bought some for like £40 or $75 really. No way would I ever do that. So ya thats not too exciting.
Oh I do remember a story. We got back in contact with the couple I found on exchange and so Elder Brown and I are teaching them. Well this last weekend the Louth Elders had a baptism and since they just have a rented hall and not their own chapel they come to us for the font. So it was easy to get people there for us and we got this couple to come. They showed up and looked really nice. All in their Sunday best and they really enjoyed the service. It was pretty neat. So we have them scheduled for baptism our last weekend in the mission and we hope they will achieve it. We got a couple more people we are working with too. I hope to have at least one before I leave. Then it'll be a baptism in every area.
Well I hope you are all good. Thanks everyone for telling me how much longer I have left and that the time will go by really quick.. Cheers. I am excited about seeing all of you though. I miss you. Ta for now
Love Elder Dudgeon

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