Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Family,
It's been an ok week. We have had some hard times this week around the zone. We are having a hard time getting people to come to church which is not good. This last week though Grimsby 2.1 and us found 9 new investigators. Some of them are really good. Some will drop by the wayside pretty quick I feel if they haven't already but it's just neat to see how many people are here and willing to listen in this area. I went on exchange this week with one of the 2.1 elders. We knocked into a woman who was kind of standoffish at first but as I was persistent with her she said out of nowhere that we could come in out of the cold. (which was great because like 10 minutes later it started down pouring.) Well we hear how she lost her faith in God because of her old church and how the leaders of it treated her and her husband, She just had a lot of questions too which weren't answered. It was scary at first because the way she was describing her church sounded a lot like ours like word of wisdom qualities and law of chastity. Well. it wasn't our church though just another strange christian church. It sounded like the kept her from helping others because she wasn't a full member of their church nor apart of it's leadership. Well she was very prepared for the message of the restoration and the gospel in it's fullness. It's amazing to see how it can bless some one just to start receiving true answers and understanding the things God has told us to do. She prayed at the end which was amazing and she thanked God for sending us to help her renew her faith. The other elders are left to teach her this week and see how things progress.
Today I have to leave it short though. We are just getting back to grimsby at 5:00pm because we had a inter zone P-day. We played american football against the Sheffield zone and we whooped them. I scored the first touch down. One of the receivers tried to catch the ball under pressure and it just bounced off of him and into my hands and I was able to run it pass a couple defenders to the end zone. We then played a game of football and beat them there. I keep playing goalie and everyone asks if I played in high school or college. Nope. I just got a sense of what I am doing. So that was fun today to see a lot fo people. It was good to get out of the way because it took a lot of planning and things to get it done and so I am really tired. Oh well I move on.
I hope you are all doing well. I miss you. I hope things go well this winter with Myranda wrapping up school and Sarah too. I'm praying for both of you. I hope mom and devin start feeling better. And mom enjoys not being a disabled orangutan any more. Love you all
Elder dudgeon

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