Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear all the folks at home, (mainly Devin because he is the only one who emailed me this week )

How was everyone's new years! Ours was very uneventful as new years eve should be on a mission. Went to bed at 1030 and woke up at 630. That was it. Elder Ashby and I did get something to eat (my last kebab till my birthday, I don't wanna get fat). It was fun. We enjoyed the next day thoroughly though. A full working day with no busses and everyone hungover and staying inside. We walked 18 miles that day. The feeling in my head that night was, ♫I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more♫ haha it was good.

That day was actually quite fun. We went to the bishops home for dinner (aka: lunch) and they were all tired from the night before. They are a great family. Well when we were done and had some good laughs we were going to leave with a spiritual thought. But before we did the kids were asking us questions. First one was about colors which Elder Ashby started laughing at me because I'm still having a hard time telling between certain colors. Well we told them one more question that we'll answer completely truthfully so the older are thinking when the youngest who's about 10 quietly asks ''have you ever kissed a girl?'' Hahaha it was hilarious. I went bright red and so did everyone else. I didn't answer instead we gave the spiritual thought. But thats my funny story of the week. Things you run into. It was a good meal appointment because our Bishop took us out around his areas and showed where some of his friends live that aren't members so we can try by. Then took us to another members house. He's a good bishop.

Things have been kind of slow this week but going well. We are trying to mix things up a little bit. Break away from what missionaries have done in this area for years. Trying out new areas and working more with the YSA. We went through our area book and found some former investigators that are really good. We have met some LA and PM families to seek referrals from which is great. As well as we saw some recent converts that haven't been seen in awhile. They have just amazing stories to tell. Some are from Africa and faced many hardships I couldn't even begin to comprehend nor cope with. It was a really humbly day when we went by them. This has got to be one of the most foreign missions. You meet so many different people from all over the world and all walks of life. Speaking english is sometimes a struggle haha.

Things are so good though. Elder Ashby and I get along so great. Maybe too well. We can lose focus or go off subject pretty easy, but we are getting better at it. I don't know if I've told much about him. He's from Pocatello, ID. He's country boy but didn't grow up on a farm as my zone leaders first told me haha. He basically did what I did. He likes and listens to mainly country music which is funny because I've never met any missionary yet who likes country music. You know me, I like anything so we get along with that just fine. Oh funny thing, the member we live with taped the BYU v UTEP bowl game and we watched it this last P-Day since we are allowed to watch recorded sports. There was college basketball on right before it as well and it was just weird to here American accents and stuff, but neat.

I started to write in my journal again. I'm terrible at it. But Elder Ashby showed me how he does his and it seems a lot easier then the wasy I do it so I'm trying it that way. It's going well I've made it everyday since the new year and thats my goal. To stick with my journal because this is my full year here. From beginning to end of the calendar year I'll be on my mission. Crazy. I'm so excited though. Well I hope everyone is well. I bought dad a birthday present but it'll be awhile till I send it. I got it now because England does January sales. Right after Christmas and new years sales drop to 50-70% off. So it was good. I was thinking as well. If anyone sends a package anytime soon, send taco seasoning. Haha like those big containers of it. The other American missionaries and I miss tacos haha. Just a suggestion. I haven't gotten dads other small package yet. It may come this week though because of the holidays and the bank holidays.

I love you all and I miss you. Hope everyone is doing well. SEND EMAILS NEXT TIME AND PICTURES OF THE WEDDING. even if its just a couple of email. SEND SOMETHING!!!

TTFN (TaTa For Now)

Elder Blaine C. Dungeon Master

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